Zugschwang - "a compulsion to move"

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Life and Chess

Life and chess, to me we play the white pieces and life plays the black.

Life like chess, to me, has 3 parts.

The Opening
The Middle game
and the End game.

The Opening..

In chess, the goal is to control the middle and develop your pieces.

Wala kang laban dito.... To me, the Opening (yours) is decided by your parents Middle game.

If you're on the well-off to the filthy rich range you have a vast amount of opportunities at your disposal. You will be sent to a good school (at least initially.. if you end up in a bad school malamang malabnaw yang utak mo.. MAG OATMEAL KA! ), dalawang bagay lang ang gagawin mo Mag-aral at mamili kung anong kulay at modelo ng sasakyan ang gusto mo.

If you're on the average income bracket. You will be sent to a decent school. Isa lang ang gagawin mo... mag aaral ka lang.

If you're on the Maralita side, well malas lang... mahaba haba pa ang byahe nasa opening palang tayo eh. Wala kang allowance, you would have to work for it pag kagaling mo sa tarbaho (<- ayos ba sa ispell?) me lakas ka pa ba mag review ? or gusto mo ng magpahinga ?

The Middle Game...

In Chess, this is where tactical thinking comes into play... this is where you gain or lose material. Unfortunately Sometimes, the game ends in the middle game.

To me this is the 'after college' part. Syempre malaki parin ang influences ng Opening game dito.

Top tier schools
When you look for work and you graduate from the top tier schools you get better work, better pay... so because of a sound opening you have a strong middle game to work with.

Mas magara pa ang auto mo sa mga bossing ! at dahil dun nde ka basta basta kakayanin ni 'boss'.

Middle tier school

Think of it as the white pieces development are match by blacks. Patas kayo sa pyesa tabla-tabla. Nakapasok ka sa matinong kumpanya, OK naman ang benefits.

Dehins maiwasan ang mainggit sa mga 'Perks' ng rich kids. Cool cars, cool celfonez at parang andaling manligaw ! Merong pag date at pang hatid eh.

"Hey have you been to europe ?? you should go its soooo maganda there." . Nakupo sine lang ang apord ko.

Low tier school

Malas eh, buti nga nakatapos pa ng kolehiyo eh... 20 years worth of struggle. Kaya pa ?? wag kang mag alala umabot ka na sa middle game.. kanya kanyang diskarte na to.

What's for merienda ? "Yosi or Fishball" choose one.

"Well atleast I can make tusok tusok to da pisbol"

Like what i said earlier. The Middle game is where tactical sensibilities now comes into play. Play it right. Play it right.

End game

Bata pa ako... dehins pa ako qualified to write about the end game. :)

I am in the middle game of my life where every move is critical. I've made some bad moves and some brilliant ones. I am still in the thick of things... Evaluate, evaluate and evaluate see where your current position may take you.

Life is like chess, every move counts and time runs out. Time is a commodity and further development is critical.

In Chess, if you reach the 40th move you will be given another hour to play the end game.

In Life, they say it begins at 40.



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  • At 10:42 PM, Blogger Ka Uro said…

    just want to say i enjoyed the analogy. it made sense to me.

  • At 3:02 PM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    You're one of the few who ever said i made sense... at all. :P


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