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Sunday, December 25, 2005


The Quiapo Diet

Ever wonder why people from Quiapo are generally thinner. They look and act distinctly different as well. They have a different aura from the rest of the Manileno's. And a different outlook in life as well. It is not difficult to see that they have low bodyfat levels simply because most of the males in Quiapo has their shirts off.

I will share with you the secrets to their diets, lifestyle and choice of exercise activities.

Most, if not all of the diets advocates change in the following areas:

**Choice and Volume of food intake
**Lifestyle change
**Promotes Exercise
**Suggests vitamin supplementations

The Quiapo diet is similar and yet different from most of the mainstream diets like South beach, Atkins and Protein power. Most of the diets mentioned lets you go through a low carb Induction phase. This is because our body is geared towards burning carbohydrates for energy as opposed to using bodyfat.

The Induction phase also aims to increase your insulin sensitivity via carb intake control and introducing exercise to your daily routine. You will lose excess water and salts from your body at this stage. Lethargic feelings that go with this phase is due to the fact that when we excrete excess salts we lose both good and bad salts. Potassium supplementations are suggested.

After briefly highlighting the similarities with other diets. We will start with things that distinctly belongs to "The Quiapo Diet".

The Diet.

The diet consists of the following:

3 pieces of pandesal

Lunch and Dinner
3-5 cups of Rice
1 Fish
1 Cup of soup ( Any soup will do )

I bet most of you will be already be shaking your head, and some of you shocked to see the volume of food intake per meal required by this Diet. I strongly encourage you to read on and find out how this diet would work.

The Diet works because the meal is actually shared by a family of 4-6 individuals. Usually the parents plus 2-3 kids.

The Lifestyle

Most of us are accustomed to sleeping in beds with soft or semi soft matresses. Sleeping inside rooms ventilated by airconditioners and/or electric fans. The Quiapo diet encourages you to sleep on street pavements. People tend to burn more calories/eat less during times of discomfort.


Jogging burns more calorie than walking. Running burns more than Jogging.

Sure you can run to get fit. But there is a more exciting activity than running. It's called snatching ! Go ahead take the necklace of the person beside you and start running. People will be after you in no time so rest at your own risk !

It's the only Diet that has a 3 prong approach ! Reduce caloric intake, Increase resting metabolic rate through discomfort and INTENSE excercise.

Start doing the Quiapo diet now and start losing weight immediately !

I hope nobody gets offended, i just have too much holiday time kasi. :)

My Version of the Quiapo Diet is "Fine Dining" na pala... check out the link below to find out the 'economy' version of the QD!



  • At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Joy said…

    Hi, Senor! Happy New Year and welcome back!! I was revisiting your site several times pero wala ka palagi eh. Kaya hayun, akala ko nakalimutan mo nang sumulat. May entry ka pala last Christmas.

    How was the holidays in Wellington? I hope you had a great time with or without the family.

    Ang sarap nga pumunta sa Boracay ulit, kahit ilang beses. Earning NZ currency ka na ngayon so kahit hindi pag-ipunan pwedeng-pwede di ba? :-)

    BTW, thanks for sharing an interesting site. Yes, we have so many things to thank for, just so so much.

    Happy New Year again Senor! Best wishes to you and family!
    P.S. May I link you up? I hope you don't mind.

  • At 1:39 PM, Anonymous Joy said…

    A diet for survival ata itong article mo, senor. Nakakaawa... really a reminder that we are blesed in so many ways.

  • At 4:06 AM, Blogger Char said…

    Crazy ka talaga!

    ;)Huy, did your wifey tell you the news?

  • At 5:57 PM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    Joy -> go ahead link me up.. ako nga hindi na nagpapaalam eh.. kinakabit ko na lang yung mga site ng tao

    Flight from NZ to the Pinas is quite pricey mga 1.2-1.4k nzd so mga 60-70k per person din + cost of goint to boracay. Mahal din :)

    How much ang airfare sa france?

    Char -> Yes i know. Funny if you check your earlier blogs (curly tops)parang meron ka nang premonition eh.

    You can email me privately din if you want. senorito_ako@yahoo.com

  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger barefoot said…

    psst...may blog ka pala. hehe. nakakatuwa :)
    (found your blog while i was searching for pinoy blogs in oz)

  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    Hello Ms. Favel-ous !

    Yep Nahawa ako sa kaka-blog ni misis. This is my online Diary eh :)

    Teka paano mo nalaman na ako nga ito ? Or tingin mo ako lang ang makaka-isip ng ganitong nick ? hahaha...


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