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Monday, April 10, 2006

To kid or Not to kid.

The title should be "To have kid/s or not to have kid/s" but I reckon it’s too long and it doesn’t have a Jimmy-Santos ring to it. :)

Three years ago (Pre-wedding), me and Ms. (then) Sass were talking about whether or not we should have kid/s. This is because her super-uber-bestfriend (hi!) point of view of not having any. She being both smart and intelligent have a strong influence on the wifey (reads US).

Her reasons were:

1. With no kids there would obviously be less stress,

2. Quality time as a couple

3. better financial advantage, the two of them would be able to earn or work full time

4. Because of #3 they would be able to afford whatever they fancy be it : travel, bitchin ride (car)…

I consulted with my Mom as well. She said “It’s OK not to have kids… I would understand. But you see after a while it gets boring… “

My opinion, is that the mentioned reasons holds better validity “in” the pinas.

A couple will definitely find themselves in 3 scenarios: 2 individual’s successful in their respective business/profession, Only 1 would be successful, or both would be struggling.

Let’s assume that a couple are successful individuals in the Pinas.

With kids in the Pinas

If we were to assume that a couple were both professionals their take home pay (after tax) less rent and other necessities. A HUGE portion of their “net” income would definitely be allocated under tuition fee’s.

Besides the cost, another factor would be the varying quality of education and the opportunity that it presents. After graduation/Job hunting you actually begin to realize the (dis)advantage of the perceived University ‘prestige’ by the outside world. Companies more-often-than-not prefers graduates from the Top 4 universities (5 if you include Mapua).

Without kids in the Pinas

Owning a house is possible. Getting a car, definitely. Financial mobility in one form or another.

OUTSIDE the pinas

I will be using New Zealand as basis of “outside” the pinas. I reckon (naks kiwing-kiwi), the reasons for not having kids (not to kid) :) as mentioned above would have a lesser impact both lifestyle/financial-wise.

Cost of living

NZ, depending on your income bracket/number of kids, aides you financially.



Basically, the lower your income and the more kids that you have the more that you will get from the govt. Sure it might not be much but it would be ENOUGH. Even if you find yourself Jobless you still get govt aide and you would definitely be able to feed and put a roof over your love ones head.


Cost of education is almost negligible. Your kid/s will have the same or comparable education with higher income families.

Your kid/s success is independent of the parents.

Simple as that statement may sound but the implications are monstrous- monstrous. Personally, that’s one pressure I can live without.

If your kid decides to go to “University” he/she can arrange to borrow from the government and pay it back when he/she is working. It teaches them accountability early on as well.

In the pinas, I see kids (well off or not) goof-around and waste tuition money. Simply because parents paid for education and unaware on how difficult it is earning money. There probably will be computer science students having the ‘latest’ cellphones but not have computers at home. Talk about priority. :) Una porma saka na yung iba.

Another thing worth noting is having a NZ University degree is recognized in all commonwealth countries. That means a broader opportunity and a definite global advantage. Being a skilled migrant and educated in the pinas, I feel that we need to considerably “bring” more, for them to consider us as equals.


I’m not saying that the choice of not having a kid is “wrong”. It does have it’s merit and definitely some strong points. It’s just that for us, having raya was the “right” choice.

My wife has been sending me videos of My parents playing with raya. I’ve seen how happy my mom was playing with her first apo… how can I quantify that ? :)

Seeing my baby being able to turn on her own is priceless as well… I was shouting in my room when I saw the video.

They say the worst part of having a kid is in the first 3 months of birth. I’ve been with my Raya for the first 2.5 and frankly I cherished those moments. Waking up 1-3am, cleaning poopster/heating mommies milk and afterwards humming so she’d go back to sleep.



  • At 1:00 PM, Anonymous Joy said…

    The essence of being a woman is to bear her own child. Well, this is my opinion, that's why in or out of Pinas, I still would like to have my own children. And with this, goes along responsibility.

    Generally, the social scheme here in France is the same with that of NZ's. In our case (me and hubby), we don't receive anything from the government because hubby's income is beyond the maximum limit. I find this absurd because we pay SO MUCH (!!!) in the form of taxes that we really have to budget the money coming in so we can pay our bills. We shoulder school expenses (for my kid) in full also compared to those who have everything for free. I can't help but feel a little bit indifferent about this thing. My hubby works hard to put food on the table (you know what I mean)!!

    We plan to have a second baby soon and with that comes my worry, are we ready financially for it? I'm about just convinced as my hubby that we will not receive any aid. So this means, let's tighten our belts and we'll see later...

    There are pros and cons, in some way or the other whether we live in Pinas or somewhere else.

    Happy Easter!

  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    I've been reading alot about ppl complaining about taxes.. its like govt dissuades you to excel in your industry/field. I think, you need to be taxed upto a certain level afterwhich zero tax onwards na.

    Nagpakahirap kang gumaling para lang patawan ka ng mas mataas na buwis !!

    Here in NZ, even though you earn 10k more than the next person less tax that would only be around 6k net difference.

  • At 2:15 AM, Blogger Tee said…

    I was never able to put that much logical thought into not having kids. Having them, and the affect on your heart, far outweighs any negative affect on your wallet :)

  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger Ka Uro said…

    you've definitely thought about this a lot. only shows you really miss raya (and sass). papuntahin mo na kasi sa welli.

  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    Susunod na sila... hopefully in a monts time. That means i won't be coming home to an empty house.

    When I cook 2 dishes it usually last me 1 week.. paulit ulit. :) I hope the wife has sharpen her cooking skills.

  • At 2:29 AM, Blogger ev said…

    napadaan lang..nice blog!..i always believe that giving birth is God's greatest miracle on earth...that's why we're here.

  • At 5:27 AM, Blogger ev said…

    off the topic muna ako: salamat sa pagadalaw uli sa bahay ko..nakakataba ng puso.


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