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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Things I hate, Things I love

I hate the Late show with David Letterman.

I wonder why sometimes I even bother to watch. I swear the laughs that he gets are sympathy ones. Or people forcing themselves to laugh because Letterman was delivering it. It's like teachers (sa pinas) giving better grades to "top" students not because of content/substance but rather by reputation. I don't get it really.

Dave's smile is another thing.. so unsincere. I'd rather watch Oskee Salazars (Cine Silip) cemented smiles.

The top ten list ?? Corny as hell..

Paul Shaffer is another reason. Now if I could just pry his lips off of Lettermans ass. Desperate attempts to save Dave from a bad joke, I can understand. Butting-in on the good one's with unintelligible ramblings I don't get.

I hate cooking shows that does desserts and pastries. I hate sweets.

I love Conan O'Brien

On-the-fly/spot comedy almost never a dull moment with this guy. Come 2009 he'll be replacing Leno as host of the tonight show, a very worthy successor indeed. Too bad he's not aired here in NZ.

I fondly remember the episode where Rebecca Romjin-Stamos guested. :) Conan greeted her and began the interview, and when it got to the part about Rebecca and Stamos's relationship bit. Conan without a word, stood up went in front of his desk and shouted simultaneously kneeling "STAAAAAMOOOOSSSSS..." (lasted 30 seconds i think) in a foiled-evil-villain tone.

I love the Food TV channel (period).

I am starting to become a serious foodie. I am able to replicate my Mom's cooking (and better, much better). Which helps with the homesickness part.

Ma's cooking lessons was aimed at my sister but she'd rather watch those brain-cell deadening gossip shows on sunday afternoons. And those verbal cooking lessons one-by-one unravelled themselves here in wellington.

I love Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmare"

I just love watching failure-to-success stories. Watching something that is falling apart and being able to give it a 180 degree twist just gives me a natural high.

One of the reasons why I love tuning databases, something that takes 8-10 hrs to finish with some fiddling becomes a 1 hr and 6 minutes thing, makes me want to run out and shout "I'm the king of the world" in my underwear every fucking time !

I love Ramsay's character and his "if it's worth doing then it's worth doing right" attitude. He's like the Chef version of Tony Montana (Pacino's character in Scarface), always with the F word.

He gets the point across in a very abbrassive manner. If his jarring words and phrasing doesn't get to you then I don't know anything that will. I've seen him break a michellin star chef's ego, no.. shattered is the word.

I love Cook like a Chef

So informative, I'm picking up tons of techniques and insights as to why professional chef's do it the way they do.

I love cooking meat, I will NEVER BE A VEGETARIANISSIMOSKY (made that one up). I am in a trance when people cook slabs and slabs of meat. I love the roasting episode of this show. The chef roasted different meats 9 different ways. And the larding of the meats.. beautiful!

I love Giada De Laurentiis

She's gorgeous ,she cooks and she has lovely teeth. 5 stars in my book ! My wife should SERIOUSLY consider being jealous. She knows I hate/abhor sweets. But when Giada makes it, I watch.

The filipino term "nakakapa-nginig ng laman" applies here. My body temperature rises when I see her.

Giada on TV: "I love making desserts"
I blurt out: "Me too"

Wife ignores but raises one eyebrow

Giada on TV: "I love pouring syrup on newly roasted peaches"
I blurt out: "I'd like to pour syrup on (your) peaches too.."

Wife still ignores but raises 2 eyebrows

Giada on TV: ".. roll the lemon to get more juice out of it.."
I blurt out: "I'd like to roll with you and make juice too."

Wifey looks my way, and laughs.

I'm seriously thinking of doing a Borat Sagidev on Giada. It would be worth it. Let me end this post before I get subpeona'd.

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  • At 5:01 PM, Blogger Nick said…

    swgYou love Giada? Now, there's two of us. I hate sweets too but she's simply irresistible. Good thing she was not lured into appearing in Grandpa Dino's movies. Now, don't fault me for buying no other pasta but Barilla.

  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger Senor Enrique said…

    I watch Letterman now and then; he's silly, that's for sure. But he ought to have more controversial guests and engage in more caustic interactions with them as he had with O'Reilly. Conan is just one ball of pure energy adn funny as well. The building I lived in NYC had some writers who worked for both shows. Doing laundry with these guys was incredibly filled with laughter and outright silliness.

    Letterman has interesting musical guests :)

  • At 3:38 AM, Blogger Char said…

    FYI lang, she's not a stamos anymore. She's dating JErry O' Connell!

    Didn't know you hate sweets! Osiya, ipasok si Giada sa sako!

  • At 10:56 AM, Blogger Senorito<- Ako said…

    nick -> Aha fellow fan ! :) Frankly i don't pay attention to the brands that she uses. I just watch her not the show. :P

    eric -> I bet the writers for conan are funnier. :) I dunno I just don't like dave's delivery. Leno's musical guest are top notch as well.

    Conan is on the B-list as of the moment. :)

    Char -> I hate sweets and kakanin's. :) Si Sass lang ang nakakapag pakain sa akin ng cakes and whatnots. :( Don't like it still.

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger abssss said…

    alam mo, there is something sexy about a person cooking. something about cutting the ingredients, and a spoon that oozes sex. hehehe

  • At 2:35 PM, Blogger Senor Enrique said…

    Hey, Happy Easter!

  • At 11:39 PM, Blogger grumpyurbanslacker said…

    nice bit about Giada....you didn't say though how many feet your wife's eyebrows were raised..haha :D


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